Inventory and Schedule of Condition, Check-In & Check-Out, Mid-Term, Student and Commercial Properties

At Godwinson we use state of the software to create accurate, fully-compliant property reporting, wherever you are and whenever you need it!

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| Record Conditions, Meters & Check Alarms
| Comprehensive list of property condition
| Multiple photographs for each item
| Meter readings recorded on the day
| List location of the stopcock
| Listing appliance manuals
| Alarms tested for function and expiry
| Fit for human habitation report included
| Tenants and Agent will receive a copy instantly
| Tenants can type in their comments
| Tenants can sign online

downloadable landlord inventory template

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downloadable landlord inventory template


Harold Godwinson, CEO

Tudor T. Godwinson, Inventory Clerk

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Inventory and Schedule of Condition, Check-In & Check-Out, Mid-Term, HMO/ Student and Commercial Properties

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